£30.00 per month
Price £369.00
Nearly New Raleigh Pioneer step thru silver

Nearly New Raleigh Pioneer step thru silver

Additional items in the monthly trial...

  • Adult helmet (Price £25.00)
  • Nearly New Gold-rated D Lock + cable (Price £40.00)
  • Nearly New Rechargeable set of lights (Price £35.00)

Order Details

Why order this bike:  a lovely entry level hybrid bike which will work for the commute, local rides, on-road as well as park rides and trail paths. The aluminium frame keeps the weight to 15.7kg which is pretty good for a bike at this price especially when considering it comes equipped with mudguards and rack. 21 speed Shimano gears will cover you for hilly areas and the puncture proof tyres and padded seat makes sure you will have a comfortable, stress-free ride. 

What you get for your monthly fee: the bike comes with rechargeable lights, a gold rated lock, mudguards and a helmet. You can select more accessories for an additional monthly fee.

How long can I keep this bike: when you order the bike you are signing up to a one month subscription but you can renew this as many times as you want. 

Can I buy this bike: once you have ordered the bike you will have your own online account which allows you to see the order details and check the balance payable which will reduce over time taking into account your subscription fees (maximum of six months fees deducted). There are three ways to purchase the bike: (i) one-off payment which gives you an additional discount on top of the already reduced price; (ii) 12 month interest-free payment plan; (iii) use the cycle to work scheme to purchase the bike.

Add-on Items

  • Mesh metal front basket - includes fitting

    £5.00/M - (Price £29.99)

    Wire mesh front basket. Price includes fitting by us.

  • Rear child seat - includes fitting

    £10.00/M - (Price £79.99)

    Designed for children 9 months to 4-5 years old, or up to 22kg in weight. Price includes fitting by us. We recommend also adding a kick stand if you are using a child seat. Please note pannier bags should not be ordered with this item as they will not fit with a child seat.