Try Before You Bike Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How long can I keep my bike?

A. You can trial your bike for as many months as you want before you either buy it or return it BUT remember that you only get three months of free maintenance and three months of trial fees refunded if you choose to buy the bike.

Q. Can I buy the bike and accessories?

A. Yes. At the end of each trial period you get the chance to buy the bike either in a one off payment (with a discount), through the Cycle to Work scheme if you qualify or by paying (interest free) over twelve months. If you do choose to buy the bike we will also refund your trial fees (maximum of three month fees refunded). You just click on the 'Buy' button in your account and you can see all the payment options and discounts available.

Q. What discounts do you offer?

A. Our bikes are priced as low as we can go, up to 10% off retail price on brand new bikes and 20% deducted for nearly new bikes. If you do choose to buy the bike and accessories you get a further three months trial fees deducted (assuming you have trialed it for three months) and you can get a further 5% discount if you pay the balance in one payment.

Q. Which Cycle to Work schemes do you accept?

A. We currently accept the following Cycle to Work schemes: CycleschemeBike2WorkVivupCycle Solutions, Green Commute Initiative

Q. Can I buy the bike without the accessories?

A. No, the accessories that come with the bike are part of the package. The helmet is free but the rest needs to be purchased.

Q. Do you help if I am not confident on the bike?

A. Yes definitely! The whole point of the scheme is get people cycling who, for whatever reason, have not yet started. That is why our delivery staff are all qualified as cycle instructors. Depending on what you want and which council you qualify under we offer either a full cycle skills session up to two hours long or a shorter induction course. We will then direct you to where you can get additional training and help. If you are uncomfortable or not feeling confident on your bike then you will not cycle and our mission is to get as many people enjoying the many benefits of cycling as we can.

Q. Am I committing to buy the bike when I sign up to the scheme and will there be penalty fees if I cancel?

A. No commitment to buying, no additional fees, no penalties for not buying.

Q. Can anyone order a bike?

A. No you must live, work or study in the borough that the scheme is active in. Proof will be needed to be shown upon delivery of the bike from one of the following documents - council tax bill, tenancy agreement, enrolment papers, employee contract.

Q. Can the bikes be used for any riding?

A. Not for commercial use such as delivery riding. The warranty will not be covered for this so anyone who returns a bike that is in need of repair due to over use will be charged for all parts which can get very expensive (especially with electric bikes). If you need a bike for commercial use contact us and we can arrange a straight sale.

Q. Can the bike be delivered or collected anywhere?

A. The bike can be delivered and collected, to and from any London borough, not necessarily your qualifying borough. The rule is you can only order a bike if you live, work or study in a qualifying London borough.

Q. Does my one month bike trial start from when I order the bike?

A. No, the month starts from when the bike is delivered so you always get a full month's use of the bike.

Q. Are the bikes new?

A. New or nearly new - you choose. When you are selecting your bike use the filters to see only new or only nearly new bikes. Nearly new bikes will be slightly cheaper should you wish to purchase the bike.

Q. What condition does my bike have to be in when returned and do I need to also return the accessories?

A. If there is any damage that costs us to repair it you will be charged for parts but if there is just some cosmetic damage as one would expect for a month's use then there is no charge for this. All accessories must be returned with the bike except the helmet which is a free gift from us.

Q. How many bikes can I order?

A. Two adult bikes and two kids bikes per household (contact us if more bikes are required).

Q. Why must I include a lock, lights, helmet and mudguards with the bike?

A. We must include the first three of these items as they are necessary for insurance purposes. They must be returned with the bike if you choose not to buy the bike and accessories. We add the mudguards as most people want them (no one likes a line of muddy rain up their back).

Q. How does the scheme differ with kids bikes? 

A. If you give us your child's old bike when we deliver the new one we will give you an additional 10% discount to the price that you pay for your bike.

Q. Can I swap bikes for another model? 

A. Yes you just put a new order in for the bike you want to try and then book a collection of your current bike for the same day. Please note the two contracts are separate so you do not carry over your trial fees from one contract to the next.

Q. Do I have to pay a deposit?

A. No.

Q. What happens if the bike is stolen or damaged?

A. You are liable for the bike so will owe the value of the bike less your hire fee. There is information provided during the order process on how you can obtain insurance for theft and damage cover.

Q. Do you help with any problems with the bike?

A. Your trial period includes free labour for any issues. You will only be charged for the parts needed (unless under warranty). The maintenance covers up to three trial months only. We offer a maintenance service that we charge for thereafter or if you buy the bike.

Q. Why can one only take part in certain boroughs?

A. It's supported by local councils, and aims to encourage people to get into cycling – this is why there is so much flexibility, and why it's restricted only to some boroughs.