Creating affordable & sustainable bicycle stock for Londoners

Peddle My Wheels is a business that puts the environment first.

School Bike Markets

Thinking of cycling but not ready to commit?

For under £20 a month you can get a new bike and accessories delivered to your door along with a cycle safety session to help get you started. If you discover the joys of cycling keep paying the monthly fee until the bike is yours, if not we come and collect the bike with nothing more to pay. Check out our selection of hybrid, mountain and road bikes as well as cargo, electric and adapted bikes.

Peddle My Wheels

The idea for Peddle My Wheels came from a business I ran that involved selling children's second hand items. It soon became clear there was a high quantity of outgrown, no longer used, children's bikes that people did not know what to do with. I started collecting these bikes and refurbishing and selling them, providing a decent stock of low cost bikes for children and preventing these old bikes going to waste.

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